France Normandy: officially the first country in the world to have a solar road.

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France Normandy: officially the first country in the world to have a solar road.

Despite the doubts and criticisms, France has today inaugurated the first solar road in Normandy, within a route RD5 of the small town Tourouvre-au-Perche, which is covered by 2,800 square meters of solar panels. After five years of development and a budget of 5 million euros, France is opening the first kilometer of its solar road equipped with Wattway panels. These panels have a special design that will allow them to withstand the load of more than 2,000 vehicles daily, including the load.

Under a project of the company 'Colas', which belongs to the huge telecommunications group Bouygues financed by the state, the solar panels have been coated with a resin made of thin sheets of silicon, which makes them bear the weight of vehicles, But in turn does not affect efficiency at the time of capturing the sunlight. This road is part of a pilot test that will keep it operational for a period of two years, where it is estimated that it will be able to provide electricity to the public street lighting of the town, which has about 3,400 inhabitants. At the end of this test, the project will be studied thoroughly to see if it is feasible to install panels in new ways. To date, the energy minister's goal is to have 1,000 kilometers of solar roads at the beginning of the next decade.

However, criticism of the project has not been expected, where it is mentioned that it would have been more economical to install these panels in other areas, because being in a flat position does not take full advantage of the energy of the sun as if they were angled. Besides that the coating to protect them increases its price is formed considerable. And to make matters worse, there is no justification for having installed it in Normandy, which only has 44 days of intense sunshine a year, because the ideal would have been Marseille, which has 170 days a year. Add to this the doubts about the traction and friction that can offer this project so that the cars do not skate, in addition to which part of the project will be financed thanks to an increase in the gasolines in 2017, reason why much of the country does not Is very happy.

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